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Technology Migration

In the past, application migrations used to occur very often. Today, enterprises are not only trying to upgrade to new advance frameworks, but as cloud, virtualization solutions and best practices have matured and gained attraction. Today verticals like Banking, Insurance, Telecom, E-commerce etc. need more and more advance software technology for security, stability & efficiency.

Numerous non IT companies using very old custom software for their daily operations, and are suffering with having no support since the technology has gone far beyond and advanced.

Product maintenance in this case becomes more challenging and expensive, especially for established products or retiring product lines with a large installation base and having no documentation.

We are the one to re-engineer those custom solutions on newest versions and latest technologies. We never encourage or repeat the drawbacks. We solidify the migrated version with proper documentation even in codes, so that it can be managed easily in future.

We have proven ourselves in very critical sectors like: Insurance, Real estate business by successfully migrating their custom software solution. Please refer to case studies for more information.

Major Challenges in Technology migration
  • Obsolete Technologies
  • Data Risk
  • Skill Issues
  • Uncertain Cost
  • Productivity Loss
  • Operation Risk
  • Absence of Latest and Updated Source Code

Blue Copper Technologies is one of the very few companies who guarantee successful software migration, even all above challenges are present and ensures that new migrated software make itself compliance with all latest standard software engineering models.

Understanding business behind code makes us unique…

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